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Please note we do not accept Maestro 
Disability Sessions

STARTS WED 17 AUG Disability Sessions - 60 mins
Whole park reserved for session.

Fitness Classes

STARTING SUN 10 SEPT: High Intensity Interval Training - 45 mins: GET RIPPED - BURN FAT! - Participants must be 14 years or over

GRAVITY Rocks Urban Climb

Urban Climbing experience: GRAVITY ROCKS | Feel GRAVITY like you've never felt it before. £9.95 for a 40 min climb

Open Jump

60 mins of fun with access to all areas of the park. UNIMITED TUESDAYS - up to 5 hours fun for the price of an hour bounce!

Parent & Toddler

60 Mins - Whole park reserved, no older kids - Must be over 18mth but under 5yr and accompanied by an adult